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Recruiting or Developing your existing human resource can be quite an overwhelming processs at times.

"Our mission here at Employment Solutions South Africa is to get you through those tough moments relying on our team's expertise in starting and growing companies."


Environment Analysis

The starting point of any successful human resource development is knowing your current employees capabilities.

Development Planning

After completing the environmental analysis the next stage is to design and plan your development strategy.

Execution & Evaluation

In this phase you will focus on executing the actions plan and evaluating the results after each training and development program.


Connecting People and Businesses
Through our Service and Experience


Temporary Employment Services / Outsourced Labour

  • We provide companies with guidance, protection and flexibility in supply of temporary and outsourced staff.
  • We select the best candidate for the job.
  • Ensuring that all employees go through intensive training to ensure competency.
  • 24/7 staffing availability.


We conduct the recruitment process on behalf of companies which includes the process of identifying, attracting, interviewing, selecting and hiring of suitable candidate.

  • This includes advertising the job openning

Training and Development

Business enviroment is constantly evolving and growing. To keep pace in this enviroment, businesses must ensure that employees are constantly being trained to ensure that the business at it prime. to ensure competency.

Accelerate Business Growth Through Competence Human Resource.

1How Can Employment Solutions South Africa Help Your Business.
At Employment solutions south africa, we’ve taken the consultancy concept one step further by offering a full service management organization with expertise.
Employment solutions south africa partners with businesses to business growth and development ideas including environment analysis, plan execution and evaluation.
Monitoring and Evaluation is used to determine progress in the project implemented and give recommendation.

Business Services For Companies

Employment solutions south africa provides the most professional business services in the industry. Our Services section shows that your business needs our solutions.

Training of staff 100%
Recruitment 76%
Employment 90%
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    High quality is on top of our list when it comes to the way we deliver the services.
  • 2
    Maximum impact is what we look for in our actions.
  • 3
    Quality standards are important but meant to be exceeded.
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    We're always looking for industry leaders to help them win their market position.
  • 5
    Evaluation is a key aspect of this business and important.
  • 6
    Ethic procedures are alwasy at the base of everything we do.

We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction for both types of customers: hiring companies and job seekers. Types of customers: with huge potential

Our goal is to help your company achieve its full potential and establish long term stability for the stakeholders

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